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                   jose': quoted from Barbara Key former VP merchandising

is a SEASONED PROS:  of cosmetics for sally beauty company.   


What to expect when you hire Jose’ Narcisofrom Beauty By Design Management & Consulting Services: you get the following: 

1. Professional National Sales Management For Smaller Start-up Companies!

2. Provide Sales Management US Nationwide- to the Caribbean (East to West Coast)

3. Hiring, Training & Motivating IndependentSales Representatives for Beauty (OTC & Professional Accounts)& Retail (Mass Market; Prestige Drug & Natural Food Stores)

4. Create Company Marketing/Mission Statement; Concepts and Goals 

5. Help in Creating New Products; Brochures Merchandising Displays & Presentations

6. Research & Testing of Products &Product Comparisons & Focus Group in all Areas of US.

7. Connecting you to Sources for Raw Material for all your Products; Development; Packaging; Distribution/Turnkey Operations; Warehousing; Private Fillers Worldwide.

8. Providing Esteemed Education & Training Classes ( In-store Selling & Selling Approaches) 

9. Provide Achievable Sales Goals & Help Train your Staff and People Achieved them.

10. Lastly, Put your brand in the Map and make it the Very Best Branded Cosmetic/Hair/Skin/Appliance/

Accesory/Bath Products in the US/Europe/Canada/ Mexico/South & Northern Americas/Africas and the Asias & Australias. 


designer of products & Sales manager       

954 Palm Avenue Suite #105 West Hollywood, CA 90069 CELL:310-245-2260 

HOME OFFICE/FAX: 310-659-5202 EMAIL:



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954 Palm Avenue Suite #105 West Hollywood, CA 90069 CELL:310-245-2260 

HOME OFFICE/FAX: 310-659-5202 EMAIL:


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Jose Narciso Jaybeen104

​​as the vice president of sales/product development/marketing for lissee' aromatheraphy hair, skin, bath & cosmetics for 14 years and the the vp of sales & marketing for palladio herbal & mineral cosmetics for 8 years  he has traveled EVERYWHERE selling & training from maine to seattle and mexico to vancouver and florida to new york city. selling every beauty supply  owner that exist from 1984 to present, working with every hard working sales rep in the eauty and retail industry. plus, some drug, mass market, big retail giants stores, like walmart, sally's, cvs, ride-aid, & walgreens. not to mention the phenomenal spas, & dept. stores, like nordstrom, sears, ulta, tj maxx, marshals and ross. huge distributors and re-distrubutors like bsg, regis, jc penneys, trade secrets, armstrong mcalls & maileys.Jaybeen104

Jose managed to have single-handedly generated over $6 million in Sales Revenues for both Lissee' Aromatherapy Products of Beverly Hills & Palladio Herbal & Mineral Cosmetics. 

Account Development: He reactivated all inactive accounts for Palladio Cosmetics from West to East Coast traveling non-stop going from one account to the other. He sold every single Beauty Account a 3 or 4 foot Wall or Floor Display of Palladio. Until he slowly developed and secured the Beauty Business’ largest accounts. Starting with one sku and then with over 2 million dollars for the First Opening Sale for Sally Beauty Company.  
Market Penetration: Each company who sold to Sally complained they lost business. Not Palladio. Jose was able to hole every Beauty account Sales up and steady for all his 8 years! Leaving them with 6 million dollars in personal sales. 
Presently as a Consultant for 9 years now, very busy doing contractual employment as Part time National Sales Manager for 3 smaller companies. Managed to increase all their sales by 15% to 50% in their first year. Currently all of them has doubled or tripled their Sales & Market Shares within the 9 years I had them. Also designing cosmetics for small companies. Just signed in 2 companies Abolute Cosmetics of New York and Toni Natural & Mineral Cosmetics w/ Argan & Macadamia Nut Exracts.  Jaybeen104